John Passi

John Passi.

John Passi is a young quietly-spoken Torres Strait Islander man with big dreams in the building industry.

Having inspiration from family members, most notably his grandfather, he decided to enrol with MiHaven after seeing his uncle go through the program.

“My uncle was doing the course and I saw how well he did and it got me interested in the work he was learning, so I gave it a go and applied,” says John.

John began the course in early 2014 and learnt retailing, construction, warehousing and driving forklifts.

“Through MiHaven I learnt all about consignments, delivering and receiving goods in the warehousing sector but my interests are in carpentry,” says John.

His grandfather and uncles were all carpenters and are his inspiration for pursuing a career in this area.

“They are really my role models and they have inspired me, and my first goal now is to make sure I get my driver's licence, that will increase my chances in obtaining a job as a carpenter,” John continues.

John’s ultimate goal is to be a builder and architect and has some very significant advice for other young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“I believe that if you want to do something, work hard and you will achieve your goals,” says John.