Jimmy Richards

My name is Jimmy Richards and I live in Cairns and have two young sons, Bronson, 12 and Dylan, 8.

I was born in Cairns, grew up in Kuranda and spent a lot of time in my father's traditional country. I also spent time working in my mother's traditional country.

I worked as a Tour Guide for nearly ten years which involved taking tour groups as far north to Cape York and as far west to Undara.

I am currently employed as a Senior Ranger with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) with a focus on the Atherton Tablelands area of our region. This area includes many areas of the traditional country of my ancestors.

The best thing about my position is teaching the Rangers (from all Traditional Owner groups and non-Indigenous people) about Aboriginal culture while working on my Country to better preserve our cultural heritage and homelands for our future generation.

I was formerly employed as the Coordinator at Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation where I worked on the traditional country of my grandmother. I enjoyed my time with the corporation which involved supervising three rangers to look after an area of 27,000 square kilometres in the Staaten River catchment.

The main job for Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation is to control weeds, feral animals and fire management while working with both government and non-government agencies.

As a Ranger Coordinator, I used my experience as a Stockman, Tour Guide and Park Ranger to build better working relationships between Traditional Owners, government agencies and other landholders to protect our cultural heritage sites and understand how Indigenous People see the landscape through their eyes.

Some of my greatest accomplishments include:
- One of the first Aboriginal Savannah Guides in Australia
- Queensland Finalists in Australian Safer Community Awards (Ewamian Rangers received the Encouragement Awards for Cyclone Yasi Recovery work in community and volunteer category)
- Girringun Aboriginal Corporation Award in appreciation for the helping the community recovery effort.

I'm Jimmy Richards and this is my deadly story!

DESCRIPTION: Photography by Andrew Watson.