Jimilla Dix

Jimilla Dix

Jimilla Dix

Jimilla (Millie) Dix is Aurukun Aboriginal Shire Council's 2018 Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year.

On Millie's mother's side, her grandfather is Torres Strait Islander from Murray Island and her grandmother is Kanju and Wik. Her father is Australian.

Millie started her career at the University of Queensland as an administration trainee in the human resources department. From there she worked for the Aboriginal Business Magazine before moving to the Gold Coast to become a performer for Jaran Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Company. Millie spent about five years living in the 'big smoke' before moving back up north to strengthen her cultural identity and connection to country. Millie works with the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships after getting her start through the Youth Employment Program.

As a Coordination Officer for DATSIP, Millie works as a link between the department and community organisations in Aurukun. Millie said she loves the work she does as she gets to see firsthand, the positive changes that are happening in the community.

"To receive the Aurukun Young Citizen of the Year award was a very humbling experience. I feel a deep responsibility and connection to the community, so being recognised for something that comes naturally to me still feels surreal," Millie said.

"I am very passionate about empowering the youth in the Aurukun and would love to see them playing a bigger role in the decisions being made in the community."

"Our young people are the future leaders of our communities and our country, so investing in their development would be an asset to all," she said.