Jayde Geia

My family comes from both Yarrabah in Cairns and Moa Island in the Torres Strait. And I grew up in Cairns and Brisbane.

My mum was a single parent and we needed to move around for her work which at times was difficult. I went to several different primary schools and three different high schools, but I was always able to make great friends at each school.

My mum and my aunties inspired me to go to university because they all finished law degrees with honours and obtained professional jobs.

I also decided to study law because I am interested in social justice and the wellbeing of Indigenous people.

I watched my family and friends get into trouble within the criminal justice system and I believe that it is very important to have Indigenous people working in the area of law.

I graduated in 2010 with honours and I was admitted as a solicitor in 2012. These are by far, my greatest achievements.

I am currently working as a judge's associate to His Honour Judge Everson. His Honour is based in Cairns, but often goes on circuits to Innisfail, Cooktown and Brisbane.

As an associate I am a personal and confidential aide to the judge. This involves many administrative responsibilities such as travel bookings, arranging meetings and conferences and liaising with various stakeholders on his behalf.

My formal duties include such work as criminal proceedings arraignments, swearing in the jury and taking verdicts.

My ultimate goal is to become a successful commercial lawyer. But being in court every day, I am also very interested in a role as a barrister.

My advice is to be committed and focused on your dreams and don't be afraid to ask for help.