Indij Design

The Australian Boomerang is a unique Aboriginal invention that has many purposes and an aerodynamically designed invention that could possibly be the greatest of all time.

This cultural history of practical invention by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander designers is reflected in the modern age through applied design around buildings and homes.

"Indij Design was engaged as Indigenous Architectural Advisors on the Cairns Entertainment Precinct," says Andrew.

"We engaged in focus group discussions with Traditional Owners about the importance of cultural landmarks in and around Cairns and how they could be referenced in an architectural language at the Precinct."

Andrew and Francoise then conveyed to the Project Architects how important it was to have sight lines to meaningful landmarks of cultural significance as well as examples of how to embed Indigenous elements into the architecture.

Following the Traditional Owner workshops the Project Architects commented how they now saw both the landscape and design through different eyes.

Indij Design focuses on people by finding the design solution to meet their needs.

"This is what we mean by 'bringing people and design together' (the business aim)," says Andrew.

Andrew also explained how they referenced the Coolamon in the design of an Indigenous Outdoor Learning Centre at James Cook University in Townsville.

"Using the design of the Coolamon and inverting it we created a building that showcases an object that was used as a cradle for babies, but now nurtures learning," says Andrew.

With Indigenous design still in its infancy it's not hard to see that Andrew and Francoise Lane and 'Indij Design' are leaders in a new wave of Architectural design.

DESCRIPTION: Photo courtesy of Nathan Williams