Thomas Tobane

Thomas Tobane, or more known to his family as '2mussie', loves music and art.

2mussie's mother Danniele Tobane is from Tanna Island, and his father, Wayne Tobane is Butchulla from the Fraser Island area.

Thomas is the eldest of five siblings. He is in grade 12 at Hervey Bay High School and is working towards getting an apprenticeship next year.

One of 2mussie's life achievements is a recent trip to Africa.

In 2008, 2mussie's sister Ivy died of cancer. Before passing away, Ivy made a list of all the things she hoped to achieve during her life, one of those wishes being to travel to Africa to help children less fortunate than herself, and to also see some of the African animals.

To fulfilling his sister's wishes, and in recognition of the love for music that Thomas and his sister Ivy shared, Thomas travelled to Africa through a volunteer organisation Marafiki Community International and initiated a music program for refugee children. The program aimed to uplift the children in the same way it did he and Ivy. Over a period of four weeks, Thomas collaborated with Marafiki and music professionals in Kenya to create a music workshop for several youth whom took part in writing their own song about peace before travelling from their refugee camps to Nairobi to record their composition.

Thomas also took part in many other outreach activities such as spending time with the refugee children in their camps, spending Christmas day with the refugees and visiting different tents within the refugee camps to understand what life was really like for the people he was helping, before concluding his trip with an African safari through the Maasai Mara game reserve, another dream of IvyMo's.