Tanisha and Kiana Norman

Tanisha and Kiana Norman live in Hervey Bay with their four siblings and parents, Kathleen and Grant. Grant is from the Kamilaroi tribe around Sydney.

Kiana attends Urangan Point State School. Her favourite subject is Maths and English, and one day dreams of being teacher or a doctor. Kiana also loves her sports.

Tanisha is in Grade 8 at Hervey Bay Special School, and loves art and craft. Tanisha is a little miracle. She was born 12 weeks premature, born 605 grams (1 pound and 1 ounce) and has survived the odds! She has a hearing difficulty, and one day dreams of running at the Para-Olympics. Tanisha also loves Justin Beiber.

Kiana and Tanisha are wonderful girls and enjoy life to the fullest!