Sandra Morgan

Sandra Morgan is passionate about preserving history and has been influential in doing so in Cherbourg.

As the Chairperson of the Ration Shed Museum, Sandra has been extensively involved in the restoration of the wooden shed that was used to give Aboriginal people their rations.

"When our Elders were moved off the land and taken to Cherbourg they were cut off from their traditional sources of food and were given weekly rations of flour, sugar and meat," Sandra said.

"Later, they also sometimes received sago, peas and tea. And they collected it all from the wooden shed which we've now restored."

For Sandra who was raised in Cherbourg, The Ration Shed Museum is not just a place to preserve history - it's also a place for people to go and share their stories.

Sandra wants visitors to see and experience what life was like for her people living under the Aboriginal Protection Act during the first half of the 20th century.

"I also want to show them the many wonderful aspects of traditional Aboriginal culture and contemporary Cherbourg life," she said.

"It's also for our younger generations to learn about and understand the past so that they to can build a better future".

The Ration Shed Museum is proving to be a success not only amongst the locals but state wide as well; having recently won the 2011 Premier's Reconciliation Award.

"Winning this award was a huge accomplishment for the staff at the museum and for the people of Cherbourg," Sandra said.

"Many of us have worked very hard to restore and maintain the museum and the award builds upon our dream to promote reconciliation and understanding."

The Ration Shed Museum has also produced a number of archival films including 'The Ration Shed', which won the best short length documentary at the Heart of Gold Film Festival in Gympie. The film was also short listed for a prize at the Brisbane International Film Festival and was recently screened at an International Film Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

DESCRIPTION: Sandra Morgan has been instrumental in preserving Cherbourg's history