Jackson Martin

Murri artists along the Fraser Coast have another option to display and sell their artwork with the opening of a new gallery by Butchulla artist Jackson Martin.

The gallery is located in Main Street, Hervey Bay and is in close proximity to other businesses and two major shopping centres capturing both visitors and locals alike to come in look around.

Mr Martin's venture began after completing a 3D Art Course created through the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP) Learning Earning Active Places (LEAP) Program and taught by Aboriginal artist Roger "Bushfire" Saunders.

Raised by his grandmother and like other Aboriginal children in similar circumstances, he grew up lacking confidence and self-esteem. He knew little of his culture and threw walls up around himself as a means of coping.

The artwork Mr Martin produced prior to the 3D Art course was self-taught but definitely his own style. He saw some of his father's artwork and tried to emulate him but realised he had to have his own style.

Mr Martin's confidence and self-esteem has soared since completing the art course to where he now speaks publically, the walls are down and he is powering on.

Mr Martin wants to conduct art workshops for Aboriginal school children to reaffirm their culture, involve the Elders to talk about Butchulla dreamtime stories and to incorporate the stories into his art and for the children's reaffirmation. Artefact making and decorating workshops.

Support from Kalang Respite's Delphine Howden, Indigenous Artist Roger "Bushfire" Saunders, James Sykes, Professionals Real Estate, Jenny Chew, Chew's Place Consulting, St Stephen's Hospital and DATSIP.