Dale "Flip" Toby

Dale "Flip" Toby is a Gangulu man from the Callide Dawson Valley area including Mount Morgan to the Dawson River. His mother was born and raised in Woorabinda and his father was born in Wura.

Flip's occupations as meat worker, truck driver and labourer changed eight and half years ago when he joined the Department of Emergency Services as an auxiliary fire fighter in Mount Morgan and an Indigenous Liaison Officer (ILO) in Rockhampton.

Flip never imagined he could do such work but a difficult beginning was eased by a supportive manager and colleagues. Flip soon flourished into his new career.

In the ILO role, Flip engages with Indigenous communities ranging up to Airlie Beach, down to Miriam Vale and out west to the South Australian border. He is also involved in the delivery of fire education programs across numerous locations.

In early 2003 a taskforce of QFRS officers went to Woorabinda in response to the Woorabinda Council and community Elder's concern about high risk fire behaviours. Thanks to Flip's role and networks this engagement with the Council and the community brought a better understanding of the different cultures, built trust and positive relationships. Together they problem solved the issues and reduced barriers.

Flip personally believes that the more he knows the more he can help the community; it's important to talk to people at their own level; learn by your mistakes, learn from others but walk your own path; & pass on your knowledge.

DESCRIPTION: Dale "Flip" Toby, Gangulu man from the Callide Dawson Valley area.