Colin Leftwich

Col Leftwich was born and bred in Cairns. Col's grandfather Victor Leftwich was Butchulla and was part of the stolen generation taken to Yarrabah in the late 1890's. Col's grandmother Julia was Kuku-yalanji, was also part of the stolen generation (taken from the Cooktown area), and taken also to Yarrabah. It is in Yarrabah that his grandparents met and the rest is history!

Col is the eldest of two children, and was raised by his mother Bess Leftwich. They lived with his grandparents Victor and Julia at White Rock, Cairns. Victor gained mission exemption to live in Cairns and not on the mission. While Victor was on the mission, he learnt carpentry, and then went on to build their own home in Cairns. At that time it was the only house in the street so they named the street "Leftwich Street".

Since then, Col has lived a very accomplished life. Col spent 21 years in the Air Force (attaining the rank of Warrant Officer), and credits his strong Christian faith as being the source of strength in overcoming the hardships in his life. A passion of Col's is also to share the word of God and promoting humility, love and understanding.

Throughout his life, the late Jimmy Little was a great inspiration to Col. Col has a great love for music and loves to play guitar and sing. Col has played in many bands and loves to perform.

Col has a great respect for his Aboriginal Culture, and even today continues to contribute greatly to positive change in the lives of all people. He is also an active member of local Indigenous organisations in Hervey Bay.