Back On Track

Rainman is Barry Boland who was born in South West Queensland in a community called St.George. He is a descendant of the Kamilaroi tribe which extends from St.George (North) Walgett (West) Tamworth (South) MussellBrook (East) in far South West of New South Wales Australia.

He was raised by his mother and father with three older brothers and three older sisters. He acknowledges his role model, mentor, friend and father Lindsay 'Poddy' Boland for instilling cultural knowledge, survival skills in a whitemans world and the importance of respecting your elders and to be strong and proud to be an Aboriginal.

Rainman- Bairri in his language means; Rain and his mother's mother last name was Mari which means Man.

He was educated at St. George State High School and went to grade 10. When growing up from the age of 4 he participated in work with his family from stomping cotton, chipping cotton, roustabout in the shearing sheds, catching yellowbelly (Golden Perch to sell to local caf?'s and Pubs and also shooting kangaroos and foxes. At the age of 16 he went to work in Hervey Bay as concretor and then entered the social and community welfare sector as a youth worker for Korrawinga housing Hervey Bay. After doing 8 years in Hervey Bay, Barry Rainman Boland relocated to Rockhampton and has been working in the Central Queensland region for over 20 years in that period of time he has performed various roles from Service Coordination Project Management, Training Management and now currently Director of Back On Track Education Employment and Training Services Pty Ltd.

Barry Rain Man Boland is passionate and driven by the importance of empowering and encouraging indigenous people to follow their dreaming or journey for life.