Tom Mosby

Tom Mosby carries the responsibility of spreading Indigenous culture throughout the State Library of Queensland and he's loving it.

He's trodden a serpentine path to get here - art restorer, lawyer and television celebrity via MasterChef Australia series 1. Who knows what's around the next bend?

Constant career change and reinvention fits with Tom's outlook in life. His advice to Indigenous people is "don't always take the easy option".

"Go outside your comfort zone and try something else," he said. "Just because you're Indigenous doesn't mean you have to be pigeon-holed as Indigenous. Explore different things."

Tom grew up in the Torres Strait and went to high school in Cairns. His first job was as an art restorer at the National Gallery of Victoria. He changed his career to lawyer and that spanned 10 years.

Then came his gig as a contestant on MasterChef. Tom says it was a break from the grind which allowed him to consider what he wanted from life.

"With 40 looming, I felt I had nothing to prove to other people any more and I could do something I felt passionate about," he said.

That turned out to be his latest job at the State Library, which neatly combines his two great passions - Indigenous advancement and culture.

Tom is the library's executive manager of Indigenous research and projects, "ensuring that Indigenous is owned by everybody in the library; that it is not siloed".

DESCRIPTION: Tom Mosby, Research Manager, TV Star