Mike Salbro

Mike Salbro was given up for adoption at birth.

Mike knows he was adopted by a Swedish couple living in Australia. When they split, he went to Sweden with his adoptive mother. He was aged 10 before he discovered he had been born a Cherbourg Aboriginal. It fired a real curiosity to discover his roots

As an adult, Mike moved back to Australia when his adoptive mum died and re-established a connection with his adoptive father. Through him, Mike discovered his biological mother was looking for him - a real shock.

Mike remembers the trepidation he felt in the lead-up to meeting his birth family - do they look like me, what are they doing, where do I fit? Television shows like Find my family bring the feelings rushing back to the surface.

Mike's now met his mum and her family, travelled back to Cherbourg and even connected with his biological father and his wife and family. He knows his paternal grandmother is Kalkadoon and he has been initiated into Aboriginal lore at Tenant Creek. Right now, living in Brisbane, he has an urge to head bush to clear his mind.

Mike's going to find out more of his roots and history, not only for his own sake but also for his children.

DESCRIPTION: Mike Salbro - discovering his roots