Michael Tuahine

Michael Tuahine is a man of many passions but it is his commitment and drive towards improving outcomes for his fellow first Australians that is proving to be one of his greatest achievements yet.

As the Executive Director of his own company, Community Leadership Solutions (CLS), he is fulfilling his desire to create safe communities through positive leadership.

"I believe that positive Indigenous leadership is the solution to the many problems that exist in our communities," Michael said.

Community Leadership Solutions is currently delivering community leadership workshops to parents and care-providers of Indigenous young people and are proud to be supported by the Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations under the Parental and Community Engagement (PaCE) funding.

Michael attributes CLF's success to the fact that the program is facilitated by Indigenous Australians for Indigenous Australians.

In his life and like many other Indigenous people his age, Michael has been fortunate enough to not endure the same level of social positioning as the generation before him.

"I was given the opportunity of accessing an improved education and lifestyle," he said.

"By establishing CLS, I honour my parents for the foundation they have given me and I empower people to live a purposeful life - to realise their full potential."

Michael's goal is to instigate change; to encourage a new way of thinking and to put it into action.

"My objective is to develop and mentor a new generation of strong, positive and authentic community leaders now so that the future generations of Indigenous Australians can write, tell and live their own deadly stories," he said.

Michael is also a successful National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) graduate; one of only a handful of Indigenous graduates in NIDA's 54 year history.

DESCRIPTION: Michael Tuahine, Executive Director Community Leadership Solutions