Catherine Jacka

Catherine is of Aboriginal (Waanyi people) Irish and Scottish heritage.

Catherine is a proud mother of two who are both in their twenties; and both have blessed her with a grandchild. Catherine considers herself fortunate to also have two Godsons. Catherine says "their beautiful carefree attitudes, smiles and hugs get me through difficult times."

Catherine is passionate about working together and says that successful programs are born from collaboration between the community and organisations with programs and policy that empower and strengthen. She is also passionate about her work with the Indigenous Cancer Survivors Forum because it brings cancer survivors together, to share survivorship stories and make suggestions for research and services - a win/win situation.

Catherine has worked in Brisbane for the last twenty years. She has provided administration for a large health service, state committees, promoted women's cancer screening and access, provided support and advocacy for women and their families during their cancer journey, volunteered with women's groups and community organisations.

Catherine acknowledges that there are always challenges within organisations and within communities, but she has found common sense, clear communication, strong beliefs, honesty and integrity have helped address these.

Catherine feels that her heritage has provided her with innate knowledge, resilience and strength and she says "what doesn't kill us will surely make us stronger!" Her family have grown her with unconditional love and support, taught her respect for others, herself and country and encouraged learning, responsibility and growth. She was nurtured knowing "you can do anything, all you have to do is try!"

Catherine's relationships with peers, co-workers, individuals, families and communities, have supported, guided and inspired her thus far, and will continue to into the future.