Brenda Boustead

Brenda was born in Brisbane and lived in Mackay. She moved to Inala after her father passed away when she was 9. She did most of her primary and High School in Inala but never really felt like she belonged. Her grandmother died when she was a baby and her mother and her Uncles didn't talk about the past very much, about where they came from. She tried to fit in with other Aboriginal kids but always felt on the outer because she didn't know anything about her country or their culture. It wasn't until Archaeologists researched Keppel Island that she found out about her land and culture.

She left Inala in grade 8 to go to live outside Cunnamulla on the opal fields before returning to Inala at sixteen. Brenda raised her children in Camira and returned to the workforce when they were older. She worked as a volunteer at her children's school and later trained as a teacher's aid.

Brenda is now the team leader for the Foster & Kinship Carer Program at and has been working for IFACSS for seven years. She feels that it is important for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids to know about their culture but especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children with non-indigenous carers.