Anthony Newcastle

My name is Anthony Newcastle. I am a playwright, an actor, a musician, a story teller, a writer, a teacher, a father, a husband and an advocate for my people and their culture. I am from the Wadeye area on my mother's side, Tjingali country on my father's side.

As the founder of Natjul Indigenous Performing Arts, I share my culture with the community through workshops and performances. Natjul uses Theatre for change as an engagement tool to help develop collaborative strategies to deal with local challenges.

Aboriginal Australians have used performance, dance, role playing and acting to pass on culture and tell stories for up to 80,000 - through Natjul we continue these traditions.

At the heart of our philosophy is 'those who have to live with the outcomes should be the ones making the decisions.

DESCRIPTION: My deadly story comes through loud and clear.