The department provides the opportunity for organisations to publicise their upcoming event through our online events calendar.

The events published are compiled and maintained using the information provided to the department by the coordinating organisation. It is the responsibility of the coordinating organisation to provide us with any updates or changes to the event so that these can be reflected accurately in the events calendar.

What type of events can you submit?

Whilst the department supports and encourages events that enhance economic participation and celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and heritage, it reserves the right not to publish events that do not meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Events and seminars that support education and mentoring for Indigenous Queenslanders. (E.g: tertiary education expos, industry engagement seminars)
  • Events and seminars that promote employment opportunities for Indigenous Queenslanders
  • Events that promote and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and heritage.

Decision to omit an event from the calendar

In the situation where an event is deemed unsuitable for publishing to our website, the coordinating organisation will be notified in writing by a department representative.

Reconcilation Week events

There are a number National Reconcilation Week events that will be held across our state that you can get involved with. 

If you're hosting an event, be sure to add it to the calendar.

Check out the calendar of events for initiatives near you.

Add or update an event

To add or update an upcoming event to the online calendar, the coordinating organisation is required to complete the event registration form.

Is your feedback

Please submit your comments on the department's Compliments and Complaints section.

Please submit your comments on the Queensland Government website Contacts form.