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The purpose of the gallery is to celebrate the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

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Q. What should I write about?

You can share your own deadly story, a story about someone you know or a story about a project happening in your community.

You are free to tell your story. Here are some ideas:

  • Explain how this person or project is making positive changes or sharing their talents in the community.
  • Have you or others been transformed, motivated or inspired by them?
  • What was the person’s dream and what steps have they taken to follow it?
  • Has the person nominated overcome any personal barriers to be where they are today?

All entries must be suitable for viewing by people of all ages. All entries will be moderated for suitable content before being available for online viewing. Submissions including offensive or explicit themes or language will not be published.

Entries that do not align with the purpose of the gallery - to celebrate the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples - may not appear in the gallery.

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Q. Who can share their story?

Anyone aged 12 years or over can share their story.

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Q. Who can the story be about?

The story can be about any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples over 12 years of age or anyone participating in community projects involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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Q. Can anyone's story be shared? How old do you have to be?

Anyone can share a story about the achievements Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people who is aged 12 years or over.

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Q. Can I enter more than one story?

Yes, you can share the story of more than one person or project.

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Q. How do I register and submit a story?

Go to the Submit an Entry page where you submit their story in less than 1000 words and upload their photograph (image file size should not exceed 1.4 MB)

If you are writing the story, please also provide a good quality photo of the person you are nominating.

Hit submit and you are done!

Once your entry is approved, it will appear on the website for all to see.

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Q: Do I need parental permission?

If the person or people involved in the entry are under 18 years of age, their parent or guardian must complete the declaration form when uploading their entry.

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Q: How long should my story be?

Stories can be submitted in a variety of mediums but some restrictions do apply:

  • written word - maximum 1000 words
  • photograph - maximum size 1.4 MB

Entries that exceed this may be rejected.

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Q: Are there any other tips for submitting my entry?

When submitting a written word entry, please try not to copy the text from a word document - type in the story directly or copy the text from notepad.

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Q: Do I have to include a photo?

Yes we need a photo however if you are unable to provide one your story will still be placed on the gallery.

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Q: Do I have to obtain permission to use images of a person or people?

Before we can upload your entry to the gallery, we need the permission of the nominee/s to include their information and images (in text, photograph) on our site.

Your nominee will need to email deadlystories@datsip.qld.gov.au and include the words "I confirm my consent".

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