Jessica Oostenbroek

Jessica Oostenbroek is a Turrbal woman born and raised in Brisbane. Jessica is currently working in Queensland Health as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Child and Youth Service Integration Coordinator which is based in Toowoomba.

Since graduating high school in 2007, Jessica completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science at Griffith University. The relationships that she formed with her peers and staff at the Gumurri Centre gave her the opportunity to learn more about her identity as an Aboriginal woman. During her studies, Jessica attained a cadetship with the Department of Communities; Child Safety services where she spent time learning about the child protection system and showed a strong interest in working to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families to achieve reunification. Jessica also worked as a Youth Worker and provided support to young people in care of Child Safety services who were placed into semi-independent living due to their severe behavioural issues.

Upon completing University in 2010, Jessica was successful in attaining a position in the Graduate Development Program through the Department of Communities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services. During this time, Jessica continued to learn more about her identity as an Aboriginal person. She worked on projects within the South West Region which were aimed at Closing the Gap in Indigenous disadvantage and learned new skills which provided a strong foundation for working within the public sector.

Following the Graduate Development Program, Jessica was successful in gaining a position within Queensland Health where she hopes to influence positive change in the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people so they can be strong leaders within their community.