Cultural capability tender offer

Note: the Invitation to Offer is currently closed.

The intent of the Question and Answer (Q&A) information is to provide potential applicants with an opportunity to ask questions about the Invitation to Offer. So that all potential applicants receive the same information, all reasonable questions submitted and the answer will be added to the Q&A as they arise. All questions will remain anonymous. Email your questions to

For more information about the tender requirements, download the following documents:

What is a Pre-qualified trainer panel?

For the purposes of this project, the Pre-qualified trainer panel is a list of training suppliers who have demonstrated that they can develop and deliver Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander cultural capability training content that meets the needs of Queensland Government staff by following a set methodology.

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Will there be set pricing structures for the training delivery?

No, each training session will be negotiated between the Purchaser and the Supplier. The Purchaser is responsible for ensuring the final price represents a value-for-money purchase.

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Do I need to be an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander business?

No, this invitation is open to all training suppliers.

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Is the training supply only for Queensland Government departments?

No, the establishment of the Panel is intended to make quality Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Capability Training accessible to anyone. The Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP) is particularly keen to ensure the Queensland Government’s service delivery partners are providing culturally capable services. Details of the Panel will publicised on DATSIP’s website and promoted widely.

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What support will be available for trainers once the Panel becomes public?

The Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP) will host the Queensland Government Cultural Capability Training page on its website. This webpage will provide support information for both Training Purchasers and Training Suppliers. DATSIP’s Regional Offices will be able to assist Training suppliers to make contact with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

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Is the training services required in this offer available for interstate training organisations?

Yes. Each training supplier would be required to consider their ability to competitively deliver services in Queensland. 

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Would partnerships with specific Queensland-based Aboriginal people who have experience in conducting cultural awareness training (but are not necessarily accredited trainers) be of benefit to us?

The training supplier's ability to deliver economic benefit to Queensland based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by involving them in training delivery will be a desirable outcome. However, the trainer must have the mandatory qualifications (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment). It is likely that Aboriginal people, or Torres Strait Islanders, who have experience in conducting cultural awareness training will be well placed to add value in the delivery of Aboriginal, or Torres Strait Islander, cultural content.

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Is it intended that the trainer works with the appropriate Aboriginal group to develop course content upon the awarding of a training contract?

The trainer is responsible for developing the course content. It is expected that the trainer will follow the methodology to develop new content. The trainer will determine the level of engagement needed to understand the client group. It is not expected that the trainer would develop new content for every training session. 

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Would the trainers be required to have completed the units designed for delivery in the methodology prior to teaching them? Or is general knowledge/skills based on industry experience enough in this regard?

The methodology does not contain any training units ready for delivery. It does contain 8 capabilities. The trainer, if required by the training purchaser, would develop course material that would help the training participants to achieve one or more of those capabilities. Since it is mandatory for the trainers to have Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, they will use those skills to follow the methodology to prepare the content.

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Schedule A states the requirement 'Please attach a copy of the following for each trainer: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment'. Do all trainers that will be delivering this training need to hold a Certificate IV?

It is mandatory that the person delivering the training has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. However, we encourage trainers to involve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (on a paid basis), who may not hold a qualification, in the training sessions to add value to their training product.
Our goal for “quality training” will be at risk if we allow training companies to engage trainers who do not hold a qualification.

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Are organisations who do not become part of the panel, precluded from providing cultural awareness training within government agencies/organisations in Queensland?


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Are government agencies/organisations within Queensland compelled to select their provider of cultural awareness training from only providers listed on the panel?

No. However, while not being mandatory, the Panel of Cultural Capability Training Providers will be heavily promoted as the premier source of quality cultural capability training for Queensland Government departments.

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