The following resources have been developed to help you promote reconciliation and the, I support reconciliation pledge to your friends, colleagues, neighbourhood and community.

  • Selfie-frame (PDF, 3.1 MB) – print the selfie-frame and use it to take a photo of yourself. Upload the photo to social media, make the post public and tag it with #isupportreconciliation #NRW19 #walktogether. Encourage others to do the same and don’t forget to take the online pledge.
  • Selfie-coin (PDF, 3 MB) – print the selfie-coins and use them with the selfie-frame or on their own, take a photo of yourself and upload it to social media. Ensure that you make the post public and tag it with #isupportreconciliation #NRW19 #walktogether
  • Social media banner – use this as your cover photo across your social media accounts to promote National Reconciliation Week through your networks.
  • Social media in-post graphic – use this graphic in a post about National Reconciliation Week on your social media accounts.